Monday, April 16, 2012

Implementation and Importance of EMAIL ID

In Murshidabad Dstrict, as per order of Deputy Labour Commissioner, Berhampore, Murshidabad, email ids have been created for each and every Blocks and Municipalities in a specific format planned by Atin Das, CKCO. I am requesting now all of Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation to work smoothly, please take necessary action following this activity. In this regard, 19 Email Ids have been created for Work smoothly over Inernet Communication (Report Transfer from Block level to RLO, Problem reporting over net and taking action immiditely, Vedio conference for balance in critical situation etc) in Murshidabad.  

The List of Email id and details are given below:
Serial NoBlock / MunicipalityEmail IdUser
1ALC KANDI (RLO)rlokandi@gmail.comALC Kandi
2Kandi Municipalitylwfc.kandi.municipality@gmail.comJoydeep Dubey
3Kandi Dev Blocklwfc.kandi.block@gmail.comMainak Pal
4Burwan Dev Blocklwfc.burwan.block@gmail.comAnirban Dey
5Bharatpur 1 Dev Blocklwfc.bharatpur1.block@gmail.comSwarup Ghosh
6Bharatpur 2 Dev Blocklwfc.bharatpur2.block@gmail.comTushar Sen
7Khargram Dev Blocklwfc.khargram.block@gmail.comSabbir Rahaman
8DLC Berhampore (RLO)rloberhampore@gmail.comDLC Berhampore
9Berhampore Municipalitylwfc.berhampore.municipality@gmail.comAtin Das
10Beldanga Municipalitylwfc.beldanga.municipality@gmail.comAmit Kumar Dhar
11Berhampore Dev Blocklwfc.berhampore.block@gmail.comSangita Sarkar
12Hariharpara Dev Blocklwfc.hariharpara.block@gmail.comPrasanta Kumar Saha
13Beldanga I Dev Blocklwfc.beldanga1.block@gmail.comSourav Ganguly
14Beldanga 2 Dev Blocklwfc.beldanga2.block@gmail.comSubhankar Mistri
15Nowada Dev Blocklwfc.nowada.block@gmail.comSujit Kumar Mandal
16Domkal Dev Blocklwfc.domkal@gmail.comPartha Bhattacharya
17Jalangi Dev Blocklwfc.jalangi@gmail.comSayantan Sarkar
18Raninagar 1 Dev Blocklwfc.raninagar1@gmail.comPiali Barman
19Raninagar 2 Dev Blocklwfc.raninagar2@gmail.comSubhasish Das

Cause of this activity :

1) Personal Email ids and passwords are not sharable with others, but in LWFC, there are minimum 3 employees working - IMW (B), CKCO (C), Group D, among 3, at least IMW should have the facility to access email through some specific email id of LWFC, thus there will be some trouble to use your personal id sharing with IMWs.

2) It is more reliable that you can send data to specific Block / Municipality without facing trouble of calling the concerned IMW / CKCO to receive any mail and the spelling mail id. Working way of NS building -  today each and every important orders are sending via the id belongs to the Deputy Labour Commissioners / Assistant Labour Commissioners, so after that the required orders / important matters will be spread via those email id system, i.e. spreading from RLO to LWFCs.

Reported by Atin Das,
Organiser Secretary To ABCKCOEF(LD)
Working as CKCO @ Berhampore Municipality, Murshidabad
9851669463 / 8900388338

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