Monday, April 16, 2012

All Governing Body members are requested to Attend this GB Meeting

I, Organiser Secretary, is earnestly requesting to all Governing Body Members of All Bengal Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation Employees' Federation to attend that declared meeting will be held in the House of Ranajit Kundu (Treasurer to ABCKCOEF(LD)), on 28-04-2012 [Saturday] at said address in previous post in blog. It has been noticed from previous 4 /5 meetings / conventions, there are so many names in GB as per Convention of 29-01-202, but there are only some welknowing faces which has been noticed in the Meetings / Conventions. Keeping this situation in mind, please attend this Governing Body meeting at any cost, for smooth planing to attend this meeting, in this regard and keeping the situation of the members of North Bengal, the meeting date and place has been declared before 13 Days of meeting Date. It is the First GB meeting after Convention of 29-01-2012. The discussion of this meeting is too much urgent, so dont miss it. Its all about good of All Bengal Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation Employees' Federation (Labour Department). Agenda of this meeting will be mailed soon only to the mail ids of GB Member due to confidential matter.

Organiser Secretary to ABCKCOED(LD) - Atin Das
Contact : 9851669463 / 8900388338

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