Saturday, March 3, 2012

Murshidabad District Meeting on 04-03-2012

On 04-03-2012 a meeting has been called for disscussion on following agendas.
1. District Committee re-selection due to some unavoidable circumstances.
2. District Financial statistics declaration by the Treasurer of Murshidabad.
3. A book will be delivered to all members contained with all orders regarding CKCOs and some talks of Mr. Atin Das about Labour Department, works of Labour Department, Treating with Trade Unions and varius important issues.
4. Declaration of the statistics of expenditure on 29-01-2012 for the purpose of Convention.
5. Individual Situation of some CKCOs.
6. Working process in offices and LWFCs in future after set up all computers.

Meeting time : 10-00 a.m.
Meeting Venue : Khagra.

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