Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CKC Resigned causing the behave of Block Development Officer

stuff and nonsense information to all Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation that One of us has been resigned from the post of Clerk with the Knowledge of Computer Operaiton. Her name is Minakshi Karmakar, Purulia District. She has been resigned the post for the very bad behave of Block Development Officer, of her concern block.

As per previous information, she married a person who was living in noth bengal due to his service. In this situation she needs leave in once or twice in 2 months to meet with her husband. Block Development Officers are not the authority of us, inspite of the B.D.O. always pressures her to not take leaves. She has been informed her concern Assistant Labour Commissioner, but ALC remains silent as usually most of all senior staffs of our deprtment are silenced about the troubles and problems of CKCs. So, in this situation Minakshi Karmakar was doing her duties by leaps and bounds as down in the mouth. On last 19/01/2012, the Renewal Order has been published. the EARN LEAVE has been reduced to "0" (ZERO). By fair means or foul, Minakshi Karmakar was working silently with a hope of palmy days. But no results, B.D.O. got the key to pressure her as she can enjoy only 14 days CASUAL LEAVE in a calender year as per the RENEWAL ORDER No. 150 G.E. Dated 19-01-2012. The situation was out of control due to randomly pressue of BDO, and no steps were taken by the concern Assistant Labour Commissioner.

We have to protest with one voice subject to Clerks wit the Knowledge of Computer Operation is not the servant of B.D.O., if any B.D.O.  thinks that then the higher authority of us - Assistant / Deputy / Joint Labour Commssioner should take his steps to take him / her under safety wings.

We met with Labour Minister last month. As per his statement, he has all infomraitons about the matters which  is happening wiht the Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation. Now we are requested to needfull help us and recover us from the Black sleeped B.D.O.s

Reported by Staff Reporter

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