Wednesday, February 22, 2012

25/02/2012 at Salt Lake Stadium

All CKCOs are already informed that an Awareness Generation Camp will be held on 25-02-2012 at Salt Lake Yuva Bharati Stadium for disbursing benefits among the beneficiaries under different kind of Social Security Scheme like - SASPFUW, TRANSPORT & BOCW. On this Golden day, our Hon'ble Cheif Minister - Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal will be present there. In this regard, Most of CKCOs are requested to please attend the camp.

As per information, there will be almost 1500 Beneficiaries to draw their benefis and some of them will draw their Cheques from the hand of our Cheif Minister, West Bengal. On the other hand, most probably all Joint Labour Commissioners, Deputy Labour Commisisoners, Assistant Labour Commissioners and other higher officials will be present there.

As we, Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation, are employees of government, then this day should be enjoy by ourselves. Try to give your best service to the Beneficiaries are enrolled in the schemes has been launched by the government.

Also, that may be great chance to meet again with all ckcos after last convention was held on 29-01-2012. All of us, Clerk with the Knowledge of Computer Operation are friend, and we have to carefully maintain it for our own and beloved association - ALL BENGAL CLERKS WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTER OPERATION, try to maintain some suggesstions aresuggested from our GB Committee, For some purpose, that suggessions are not written here, please call our Working President - Saktidhar Mandal, Assistant Organiser Secretary - Chiranjit Maity, General Secretary - Falguni Ghosh.

For your kind information, most of all members are hold the post in our GB Committee will be present there. Think this day as anyway, please come and join this Departmental Programme. I, Atin Das is inviting all members of ABCKCOEF (LD) with a strong request to be present there on right time on 25-02-2012.

Atin Das, CKCO - Berhampore Municipality, Murshidabad
9647458561 / 8900388338 / 9126337265

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