Tuesday, December 6, 2011

District Meeting in North 24 Parganas

District meeting of North 24 Parganas District will be held on 10-12-2011. All GB members are invited to attend this meeting. Venue approximately in BARASAT, will be confirmed within 2 days.

GB Members will be attend this meeting will be confirmed soon.

Any other Details Call :
Rudra Sen - 9331234596 - Vice President - ABACKC
Subhamay Mondal - 9800401301 - General Member - ABACKC

1 comment:

  1. Atin,

    Please consult us before announcing anything about our district. We never decided to invite ALL the GB members in our meeting. Please always try to be sure before divulge an important information like this. Don't take it otherwise, I'm just saying this for avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding.

    District Representative
    North 24 Parganas