Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Murshidabad Dy. Labour Commissioner Office, Berhampore

The below mentioned pictures are the definition of the situation of the Office of the Dy. Labour Commissioner, Berhampore, 120 B. B. Sen Road, Khagra - 742103.

 This is the Situation of Pass Books and Application Forms of SASPFUW (Total Pass Books : 3500, Damaged : 1500)

In case, in Night, here lives a Dog with its children

Situation of Ceiling - Anytime that may be break down. some where the bricks are damaged and water falls at the time of raining.

 This is the Situation of SASPFUW RED SLIP / SASPFUW Account Slip and Some BOCWA Applications, here kept for no spaces remaining in this office Almirahs

 The Door is closed with a stick of wood. This room situation is also very Bad. the electricity is too damaged in this room.

This situation is the Main ground of the Office of the Dy. Labour Commissioner, Berhampore. Here the Collection of SASPFUW is submitted by the people.

BEEDI HOUSING APPLICATION - No Space to keep those Applications in office Almirah.

SASPFUW FORM IV - Total : 25000, Damaged by water : 5000.

SASPFUW RED SLIP - From another Direction


BOCWA Applications , Total : 4000, Benefit Cases : 780

BEEDI Housing Applicaitons


SASPFUW Subscription Counter

BOCWA Subscription Place

Feel, it, if you have to attend your duty in this kind of office, how you can work smoothly and how public, beneficiaries can got their chances for benefit?

MURSHIDABAD CKC - ATIN DAS (9647458561 / 9476458891)
Office of the Dy. Labour Commissioner, Berhampore.

In Case in Berhampore proper town, we have found a Area of 3052 Sq. Ft. which is for 1500 Sq.Ft. - RLO BERHAMPORE, 750 Sq. Ft. for LWFC - Berhampore Municipality and 750 Sq. Ft. for LWFC - Berhampore Block. Total 3 Offices, as that place we found in the central area of berhampore municipality and berhampore block. In case L.A. Collector set the rate of that area as Rs. 11 approximately and the Rent of the House which may be hold 3 offices for public facilities, Rs. 33,660 /- . But that is our bad luck is that due to this situation of this office of the Dy. Labour Commissioner Office, Berhampore, Murshidabad, The Labour Department (N.S. Building) & Finance Department yet not sanctioned that Rent given by the L.A. Collector for the new house. After all the Schemes will be in trouble in Murshidabad, then Who Will be the responsible? because farther when the public can not draw their benefit of different schemes, then they will be prepare to something step to this office. What you say about this? Comment on this.

We are really seeking in trouble.

------ This is Posted by ATIN DAS - Clerk with the Knowledge of Computer - through a long discussion with the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Berhampore, Murshidabad.


  1. Je department without leave clerk recruit kore tader dept. ar office gulor ai abostha hobe........ata r new ki

  2. Dear Atin, This is Somnath De, I.M.W. Para & Kashipur Block Purulia. I heared about your blog from my C.K.C.O. Biswanath. You are doing an excellent job. These kind of hell like situations are present at almost every L.W.F.C.s & R.L.O. s of the state. in my short service life I have come to experience that those policy makers of our Dept. sitting there at Kolkata neither feels the problems of us (Irrespective of ranks) working at various district level RLOs or LWFCs nor they think about any improvement. what they realy care of is increase of no. beneficiaries of various schemes, increase in no. of enforcement cases in the monthly report so that they can get praise from Ministers. Any way the Dept. needs people like you, although in my opinion you are wasting your career in such a job or in such a Department. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

  3. Hey Atin This is Biswanath Gorain From Kashipur Block, Under RLO MWI has already post a comment On your Site name Mr. Somnath De.

    You Have done the excellent job..

    Our Block Has already faced that problem...

    I will Sent you some pictures As soon As possible of My Kashipur Block..
    Note:-We have no LWFC...YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT 9635637200 THIS NO.

  4. biswanath, My Contact number - 9647458561 - ATIN DAS