Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Next Meeting will be Held on 4th JUNE at MURSHIDABAD or KOLKATA. Venue will be Confirmed between 20th May. All Members will be informed that kindly corporate this meeting - this will be the 2nd State Level Meeting. 1st meeting got a great success, hope this meeting will be same. kindly corporate and get any update and details, call TANAY KARMAKAR (9804486048), ATIN DAS (9647458561), SUVAMAY - G.S. (9800401301), or send us SMSs for get details. we are waiting for response.

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  1. atin da, due to lack of clarification of leaves it is getting difficult for us(north zone ckcs) to come to the meeting. in order to avoid any confusion for the same i had a talk to some of me colleagues & we are hoping to find a representative from our end to attend the meeting from our end... we are also looking forward to a meeting regarding the same in the north zone as well before the state level meet. thank you. you will get me on 7384895738,

    Jaydeep Sharma, Jalpaiguri.