Thursday, February 10, 2011

we are thankful to our Chief Minister :

Yesterday, from Berhampore D.M. office, our respected Sir DLC Mihir Sarkar talked with Chief Minister through a Vedio Conference. The VDO Conference was arranged for total Status report and discussion on Social Security Schemes - TRANSPORT, SAPFUW, BOCWA, BEEDI and others situation of Murshidabad as well as all over State. so, in that meeting Our Respected Chief Minister talked about us, that due to appointed us, he watched a spped and force in works for Labour of West bengal. so he is thinking about us...... "sob Block ar RLO tei ekjon kore Clerk deoa hoeche, ora kaj korche, evabe kaj hole sotti sromik ra upokrito hobe" - 9th February, 2011, said by our C.M. through a VDO Conference.

Friends, it is very helpful for us, may be he thinking about our post will be Permanent in  future.

Thanking You                           ATIN DAS                   9476458891

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