Thursday, February 10, 2011

Communication Disabled :

it is known to us that we are communicated through phone and internet in those district :
1. MURSHIDABAD                        2. NADIA                        3. BANKURA
4. MEDINIPORE (West)                 5. NORTH 24 Pgs           6. MALDA

but in west bengal, there are so many districts, we have not communation still now. everybody, try that.....
1. MEDINIPORE - EAST               2. SOUTH 24 Pgs              3. COACHBIHAR
4. SILIGURI                                    5. DARGILING                 6. JALPAIGURI
7. HOWRAH                                   8. BIRBHUM                    9. BARDWAN                              10. KOLKATA

if anyone have any information of those 11 district, please post here, we have to comminicate them.  


  1. hi atin. my name is Sunit Sao. i m lwfc clerk from purulia district. in purulia 21 clerks hav appointed. i hav send a req for membership in orkut lwfc community but one of ur moderator did not approve. plz add me. my ph no- 9933123452. we all clerks 4m purulia r with u.

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