Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Transport Software :


To Computerization, I, Clerk of Berhampore DLC office, Developed a Software on Transport Workers' Social Security Scheme. Initialy, in the offices of Murshidabad already using this software as the computerized the all data of TRANSPORT Scheme. here in below. i am Giving two links. One is the EXE file made in Visual Basic. Another is for the Database. download those two file, and starting to enter data for Transport Workers' Social Security Scheme.


also, Follow the instruction written here, to operate that Software.

Steps to operate this Transport Software :
0. Extract the MDB file from the RAR file. all downloads will be done through ZIDDU.COM
1. Keep the EXE and the MDB file in the same database. there is no need to have access or visual basic. without any reference of access or visual basic, this software can operate itself.
2. Also create a folder "photo" in that same folder. that i suggest that EXE, MDB and the PHOTO openly kept in a particular Folder.
3. Open the EXE File,                        User name : dlc                      Password : ber
4. Click on Connect, then Select the particular database - Transport.mdb from proper location.
5. Click on CONNECT Button.
6. you will got a message like : Connect Successfully.
7. after that first Enter the District Information, RLO information.
8. After that operate for entering data in the main database.

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