Wednesday, February 16, 2011


WE ARE 480 Clerks of Labour Department of West Bengal
Reference 13th february, an Article was published. The Link is : Reference Link :
 The description of our Works, is not correct and what they (STATESMAN) think that we are not ready to work? How can he (Aparajit Chakraborty) said that? Is he surveyed about us? Is he was a worker of LABOUR DEPARTMENT? Or, he is not Satisfied about this step (our respected CM and Minister of Labour Welfare – Anadi Kumar Sahu) – creates some vacant post………………… is he(Aparajit Chakraborty) or the newspaper – The STATESMAN supports Unemployment Situation? Or this news paper wants that all of the Boys and Girls will unemployed in WEST BENGAL??? There are some questions….. Can the STATESMAN Solve that?

1.      STATESMAN is now supporting any Unemployment situation is West Bengal?
2.      STATESMAN is developed with those person- who are totally suspended from Labour Department? So, they are not satisfied about our Selection.
3.       STATESMAN is controlled by PSC / SSC – Board?
4.      How STATESMAN did came to that point that we are not able for work?
5.      What is the relation between the language of STATESMAN and the Labour? Most of Labours are not able to read English…. So we can say it easily that this article only written for those person ….. who are very intelligent persons with nothings in structure of Mind.

I am a clerk of Murshidabad DLC office – ATIN DAS – is declaring that with a strong Reminder “ we are the best. We are able to tackle our department. There is no need to specialize our department by the comments of statesman. Further we will challenge a case to kolkata high court for those types of comments, against STATESMAN News paer and the person (Aparajit Chakraborty) who will publish those type of Articles. – remember it. I am with 480 clerks of west Bengal.”

Where a person like Mr. Aparajita Chakraborty can earned a large salary amount by writing that fake information, then what are the fault of us, that we are not posted to our facilation centers. Facilation centers may be build up by the cost deducting the salary of those persons like Mr. Aparajit Chakraborty. so Mr. Aparajit Chakraborty, Please, kindly  Help us to build up our centres by disbursing your salary in the different districts. This is also for STATESMAN NEWS PAPER. Stop the publishing those types of fake information news and save money through paper area, INK and then distribute those money to build up our centers. For this doing so, Labours of West Bengal will remembers your organization – “ STATESMAN”. But Mr. Aparajit Chakraborty done a selfish type works like he is disturbed by the Labour Department, for this we are now against of STATESMAN NEWS PAPER. From today, I and other 479 Clerks (including their family)  are decided to Reject to read STATESMAN And Labour Also. ---------------- ATIN DAS. Contact: 9476458891

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  1. these reporters actually draw there salary without work and when at the end of the month their seniors set fire at their back, they try and find something to write and end up making a nonsense news.... but this is never expected from a statesman's reporter.... are they recruiting worthless reporters like A. Chakraborty????