Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deputation regarding Beedi INTUC to Deputy Labour Commissioner, Murshidabad

In Berhampore Deputy Labour Commissioner Office, members of INTUC and other peoples supported INTUC. Firstly the time of Deputation is 1:00pm, on that time our Assistant Labour Commissioner, Berhampore is asked the paper duly singed by all peoples want to presents to that Deputation. the Deputation has been fixed 10 days ago on today i.e. 21-03-2012. In this connection, The peoples of INTUC said "NO DEPUTATION HAS BEEN GIVEN AFTER SIGNED OF ALL PEOPLES" but our Assistant Labour Commissioner hold the point that all peoples are required to sign in a formatted paper. But in the Front of KOLKATA TV News Channel, Prayas TV - Local Channel. They oppsed our Assistant Labour Commissioner, Berhampore, Murshdiabad and used very slag language - "Office e bose CITU er dalali korchen...", "Amra Murshdiabad er lok, police, jail vai pai na.....", "apni thakben othoba amra thakbo....", "apnar moto ******** ar dekhini." etc etc. After all our Deputy Labour Commissioner, Berhampore Murshidabad requested them to kindly send two -three representative and complete the deputation but they did not response that and continiously blaimed our Assistant Labour Commissioner that they has been roughly ordered to sign in Blank Page. But never our Assistant Labour Commissioner reuqeste dto sign in blank paper, he requests them to sign in a formatted paper that represented that how many member was present in that deputation. This is urgently requied by our Assistant Labour Commissioner because he was very roughly oppssed and blaimed in very slang languae in before from this Trade Union - INTUC. Over all the Trade Union leaders are told that they will gather all Beedi Sramik to get the sign and the incident happend will be focused to the District Magistrate, Murshidabad, Sri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury - Congress MLA of Berhampore, Sri. Manoj Chakraborty - Congress Leader of Berhampore and other higher authorities.

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