Saturday, February 4, 2012

Report from a CKC to ABCKCOEF

My dear friends,
I earnestly request that anywhere in any circumstances we never ever utter that we do not need the updated d.a. whatever applicable to state govt.  employees. D.A. is not an ornamental word. Its nothing but a variable. Its true that d.a would be given as on join date basis but besides this it must be changed whenever it would be revised otherwise the word d.a should not be applied from the very beginning day of this posts’ advertisement. The word d.a, can’t be constant otherwise we  are  compelled to say that we were misguided by the clever use of d.a. rather we should be clearly stated any consolidated amount not the story of basic+d.a.  We are devotedly working for the welfare of labour but dept. don’t bother about our minimum needs. It is said “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”..…if we constantly feel  deprived & insecure then how we can motivate ourselves for this  job? The basic cause of variation of salary is nothing but the stoppage of implementation of revised d.a. As it was stated as d.a. we can’t be deprived of the revised value of it. So, friends, be together, we have to have what we truly deserve.

----------------- This has been written by one of like us. please read it.

Reported by Atin Das - 9647458561 / 8900388338 / 9126337265
CKC of Berhampore Municipality, Murshidabad

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