Saturday, February 25, 2012

DETAILS of SALT LAKE Program held on 25-02-2012 - Yuva Bharati Krirangan

Today, in Salt Lake stadium, programme has been arranged by the Labour Department is successful with some facilities are declared by the hon'ble Chief Minister - Mamata Banerjee, Govt. of West Bengal. more than 30,000 peoples were presents a the stadium as on the time 1pm, entrance time of Chief Minister with Labour Ministe - Punendu Basu, Madan Mitra, Mukul Roy. 100 Beneficiaries has been drawn their cheques (for benefits) from the hand of Mamata Banerjee, Govt. of West Bengal. Specially 5 girls of Purulia got a special award for protect child marrige in their district concerned.

1. All kind of unorganised sectors' beneficiaries will be given a card named "SAMAJIK MUKTI". All arrangemetns will be starts from the next financial year, after 1st April, 2012.

NOTE : All works will be done from concerned Block, no need to go all beneficiaries to their concern RLO, they have to go to their Block concern.

2. BOCW Facilities are declared by the Chief Minister :
           a) Education - Highe Secondary Educaiton - Rs. 4000, Degree Course Education - Rs. 6000, Mastes Degree Course Educaion - Rs 8000, Diploma Engeeneering - Rs. 30000
           b) Death Benefit - Rs. 50000 for normal death, Accidental - Rs. 200000, Funeral - Rs. 3000
           c) Pension of Rs. 1000 (Minimum) which may be increased to 1740.00

3. SASPFUW Facilities are declared by the Chief Minister :
           a) Medical Benefit - Minimum - 5000.00 Max - 20,000
           b) Yearly subscription of Rs. 100.00 (may be implemented for others all schemes also)
           c) 8% Complex interest may be increased to 9% on SASPFUW Account.

4. TRANSPORT Facilities are declared by the Chief Minister :
          a) Death and Educaitonal Benefit increased as double.
          b) Pension of Rs. 1000 (Min) + Rs. 20.00 per Extra year out of 5 years (Max - 1740.00)

5. Beedi Workers' Welfare Scheme facilities are declared by the Chief Minister :
         a) Beedi Housing subsidies will be increased to Rs. 20000 from Rs. 10000
         b) Beedi Workers can entitled them as a beneficiaries under SAMAJIK MUKTI Card.

SAMAJIK MUKTI Card will be available from Block after submission of all Social Security Scheme Identity Cards and Passbooks.

Reported by Atin Das
CKC - Berhampore Municipality
9647458561 / 8900388338 / 9126337265

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Please let me know the details of my samajik mukti card account no. S3102006092