Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another CKC is suffering the trouble of not drawing ability of his Salary. He is Mr. Sagar Pal working in the Office of the Assistant Labour Commissioner, TUFANGANJ RLO. As he joined on DECEMBER 2010, his date is over, thats why his TREASURY OFFICER has been objected his Bill.

On the otherhand, our administration officers are saying that - you, all of ckc are working well. In  SASPFUW online traing camp, Labour Minister told that we have not to think about our salary matters... work well, all will paid. Also, all of Administration said that concentrate on works.. concentrates on scheme implementation, we will faced your trouble. But anybody can say , what kind of behave they are doing with us.... We should be pleased that we are working for government, but salary bill of us has been objected continiously.

 ?.   And what we should think about our higher authority.... they are totally talked those matters are not actually going on. If they took after us, then this day may not be faced continiously.

As per World History from long 30,000 years, Untill highest level of torture on Servants are captured in war, those servants were worked very hard forced by the order coming from the master, who has woned the land and positioning in the chair of king, but the Continious torture can make a Revolution. Each and every person have an power (internal angryness - created by torture). 

Just think about the situation about those CKCs are not paid for this month, pray for them. What is going on is not right and not effects any kind of good on us by the Government. The new yar coming for everybody's enjoyment, but they are till in darkness, most of them have their family, childrens, ANYTHING THOUGHT BY OUR GOVERNMENT REGARDING US ? ..... IT IS NOT NECESSARY THAT IT IS READING BY THEM OR ANY CKCs, IT IS FOR THOSE PERSONs' MENTALITIES SHOULD BE CHANGED AND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PUBLISH THE ORDER.

Convener - A.B.C.K..C.O.E.F.
Atin Das - 9647458561 / 9126337265


  1. This is truly a very serious issue. A great anticipation and importance is required from our respected State Committee Governing Body Members. Many of our CKCOs depend on this salary for their as well as their family's livelihood. Still we have not seen any protest from our higher officials, especially the ALCs & IMWs , against this injustice. We have to keep in mind that most of the departmental works in the LWFCs are done by us & the PCPSs. The Inspectors & ALCs perform only the signatory works. Whereas it is not our duty to prepare the monthly reports, it is their duty.
    Our present State Committee is doing a great job. They have taken encouraging roles in making our existence being felt by the Government. But I urge our fellow State Committee members to look after the above mentioned matter very seriously.