Friday, December 9, 2011


Dear Members, we can simply reject any duties which are not assigned by our authority (Labour Department). Today it is reached at high level matters, be careful when you are assigned for any duty not assigned by our department authorities. It is simply hampered our Social Security Schemes work. In case if anyone faced / received any kind of Show Cause letter, then kindly inform Labour Commissioner through proper channel, and please submit that letter (show cause) to RTI. As our salary is continuously drawing from our Labour Department, then we have no responsibilities to complete the works are assigned by another authorities, in case you are well-known that you will be paid for that job.

In this regard, Deputy Labour Commissioner, Berhampore, Murshidabad has been sent a letter today to Labour Commissioner, Govt. of West Bengal to take necessary action, as in Murshidabad district, most of CKCs have been engaged for various duties assigned by different Block Development Officers. The letter copy is available, if anyone need it, then please submit your query through this blog or mail me to

It is also informed us (CKC – Murshidabad) that we can simply reject any duties which is not assigned by our Department concerned, and who violate this rejection, prosecution will be taken against him / her, if he / she not informed his / her higher authority (ALC / DLC) of concerned RLO of Labour Department in writing.

All members of our State are requested to follow us, reject all kind of works / duties are assigned by any other departments. If you are continuing any kind of those duties, then kindly inform your higher authority concern in writing with a receive copy for your safety. If you got a show cause letter then please send that to Labour Commissioner through proper channel (create 2 copies of that letter, left one for post from your office and channel, and try to reach Labour Commisisoner directly in Kolkata, N. S. Building - 11 th Floor and put up that letter directly with the enclosure - show cause letter, never produce original show cause letter, keep that for future action).

Remember, we are recruited for implementation of social security scheme and assists our higher authorities, also for those various duties which are assigned by our Department (vide Order No. 2295 G.E. of Labour Department). If you are facing any kind of trouble to do our departmental works (implementation of Social Security Scheme) by another departments, then call me for suggestion that what you have to do.

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