Monday, December 26, 2011


Dear Member,
Due to non availability of our Renewal Order, One R.L.O. (KANDI R.L.O. - CKCs are - MAINAK PAL, SWARUP GHOSH, SABBIR RAHAMAN, TUSHAR SEN, ANIRBAN DEY, JAYDEEP DUBEY) is suffering the problem as the Pay Bill of those Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operation has been rejected today i.e. 26-12-2011. It is reported that a large number of Clerks with the Knowledge of Compuer Operation has been completed their first year service (as they joined in Labour Department in NOVEMBER, DECEMBER approximately), but till our Renewal Order is not available.

We donot know that in which way is taken by our higher authorities, we are working hard for our department and trying to develop our department from our heart. But anyone say that who is responsible for that (SALARY STOP SITUATION)? Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Operaiton of KANDI R.L.O., Murshidabad District continue their works in December 2011, but the Treasury Officer, Kandi R.L.O. objected the bill.

After the Month of December 2011, generally most of all Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer will completed 1 year of their service. May be you are the next sufferer in the above mentioned situation. As per last information, the Renewal Order is till now lying in FINANCE DEPARTMENT (West Bengal) - Information colleced from Labour Department Administration.

There are no objections from our Assistant Labour Commissioner / Deputy Labour Commissioner or Joint Labour Commissioner regarding our works, so why the order of Renewal has not been published till now. Think about it if your salary will be stop in near future. If you are told that your salary will be stopped due to non availability of Renewal Order, what you will do then.

All members are requested to please think the situation and consult to take necessary action from accross West Bengal, otherwise the Order of RENEWAL will lying down in FINANCE DEPARTMENT for uncertain time. Because it is watching that from 15th NOVEMBER, our department higher authorities are saying that the order is lying down in FINANCE DEPARTMENT, how much time we should keep hope on the verbal instructions spreading through our higher authorities and FINANCE DEPARTMENT?

ATIN DAS - 9647458561 / 9126337265


  1. Is this the new year gift from Labour Department? I said starts the situation to get the order at any cost......

  2. we have to make the highest protest against it....