Friday, November 11, 2011

Necessary action must be taken - Response and Solve if you are not getting

Some important matters are described here, please attention to those matters / information and please response, ensure yourself that you are able to enjoy all the facilities from our job - Clerk with the Knowledge of Computer Operation - Labour Department, this descriptions are for your knowledge also :

1. Salary of us is getting within last working day of each and every months, as we are drawing our salary from the Head Code - 2230-01-001-NP-002-V-01 [This is Salary Head Code], as per wages head which is 2230-01-001-NP-002-V-02, salary can be draw after last working day of a month i.e. getting salary within 01st to 10th day of a month, of previous month. Also for information, on the order no. 3180-GE/G/1E-50/09 (part I) Dated 8th October, 2010, that is clear that we are drawing our salary from the head code - 2230-01-001-NP-002-V-01, the Order is available, you can submit an enquery to got the order from this blogsite - SUBJECT : 3180-GE/G/1E-50/09 Order through a link is given in this blogsitefor enquery submitting

2. As per the West Bengal Finance Department (AUDIT & FINANCE) each and every employee must open their Savings Bank Zero Balance Account to draw their Salary within September 2011. The certificate to open the Zero Balance Savings Bank Account is available from our higher authorities - ALC / DLC / Jt. LC. Finance Memorandum No .  9125 F(Y)     Kolkata Dated - 22nd September, 2011 [Last intimation to all employees to open bank account to draw the salary], you can receive this order after submit a query to this blog through a link is given for enquery submitting.

3. As per order no. 1420/EST/LC Dated 29.09.2011, (Reference with the Rules of WBSR 213, Part I), we are able to get 14 Days as Casual Leaves per year, 30 Days as Earn Leave (15 in each six months). Also 180 Days as Maternity Leave. In this regard, the Order 1420/EST/LC Dated 29.09.2011 is available here, please submit a query from this blogsite to got that order. Also, in case if you need the format that how we can apply for Earn Leave, then you will be received that after submitting a query from this blog through a link is given for enquery submitting.

4. In some district that is clearly said that our bill can not be made by COSA - Computerization of Salary Account, and those bill of us are submitted to the Treasury as Manual Bill, but our bill can be produced through COSA. In this regard, you can call Atin Das - 9647458561, in case you need a bill copy which has been produced by COSA, you will be received that full bill copy, which is made by COSA of CKCs. In this regard, please submit a query through this blog to receive that thorough MAIL through a link is given for enquery submitting.

ATIN DAS - 9647458561

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