Friday, October 14, 2011


[ Reported by CKC - Atin Das - Murshidabad District on 14-10-2011 ]

As per the Order of our Labour Commissioner and reference to the WBSR PART I Rule 213, Clerks with the Knowledge of Computer Opeation can enjoy the leaves such as Earn Leave.

If you are continue worked January 2011 to july 2011, then you can enjoy Earn Leave for 15 days on the time period of next July 2011 to December 2011.

In this regard, I, Atin Das already approved my Earn Leave by our respected Deputy Labour Commissioner - Murshidabad on today i.e. 14-10-2011. Application format is in prescribed Form for Earn Leave by the Govt. Of West Bengal. If anyone of our Association of ABACKC needs this Format and specific details then please submit that as a Enquery - Enquery Link is given at the top part of our Blogsite. I can send you those documents are written below:

1. Main Application of Achieve Earn Leave (1 page)
2. Government Prescribed Form No. XXXX (2 pages) & a Filled Copy filled by me
3. Enclosure of WBSR quoted part. (3 Pages)

In case i can send WBSR if you required, so not be late, submit all the matters, you need through the Prescribed Enquery Submission System of Blogsite.
N. B. After submission of your enquired documents, i have to verify your view about our association from your concerned distrct Representatives. The enquired informations, documents and other matters will be delivered to you after got a Positive response from your District Represntatives, thats mean that i cannot send your enquired files or any other matter to you untill your district Representatives (ABACKC) will say me to do so.

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