Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacant Post Filled in Cooachbeher District

It is well known that almost all districts of West Bengal have Vacant post of Clerk with the Knowledge of Computer Operation as per order no 634 G.E. - 25.03.2010 under Labour Directorate.

In the District of Cooachbeher, the 4 Vacant Posts are filled up as per the selected Panel of Recruitment of Clerk with the Knowledge of Computer Operation :

The Newly Joined CKCs are -

Ishika Nath - Posted at Tufanganj Municipality

Moumita Nath - Posted at Tufanganj 1 Block

Pavel Roy - Posted at Dinhata 2 Block

Tanusree Banerjee - Posted at Dinhata 1 Block

So, all Members of ABACKC are requested to attention and send a requested to your concerned authority as a request to please take necesary action to fill up those vacant posts in your district / RLO /Sub Division.

In Case, in Murshidabad, here 2 Posts are vacant. The name of new CKCs are proposed for publish the appointment letter from Labour Commissioner. The letter (proposal of Two (2) CKCs) has been sent before 5 Months, till now no reply from Labour Commissioner.

Two new CKC - who will be appointed for the post of CKC in Murshidabad District :

(Whose Name are porposed to Labour Commissioner for Appointed in Murshidabad)

1 - NOWDA Development Block - Under Berhampore DLC (Cause : Amit Roy resignation on 12-04-2011)

2 - Raghunathganj 1 Development Block - under Jangipur ALC (Cause : Till Vacant from Apointment, Prasenjit Sarkar was the person who not joined as CKC)

ATIN DAS - Murshidabad CKC - 9647458561


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  2. whats the result of our deputation on 23.11.2011? @ Atin.