Monday, August 8, 2011

Brief Discussion of the 3rd State Level General Meeting

The 3rd State Level General Meeting is completed on today. The Minutes of meeting and the Details of Meeting will be published tomorrow i.e. 09/08/2011, at 3:00 pm with a security process. First, you have to download an application through RAR which will be made by Visual Basic 6.0 and that applicaiton needs Password, which will be provided for CKCs only from Communication Sec. - Atin Das (Murshidabad) and System Admin - Subhamay Bhattacharya(North 24 Pgs).

ATIN DAS - 9647458561


N.B. - Please not call from any kind of new number, if so, we - Atin Das and Subhamay Bhattacharya cant grant the passwords for security reason. So, all Members, please call from that number, given to the central Database.

ABACKC - Communication Secretary

ATIN DAS - 9647458561


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