Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is Decided from the Central Committee that this blog will be controlled from only two members of our Association. 

1. Atin Das (Blog Owner)
            Phone : 9647458561 - email : - Distrit : Murshidabad
                        * District Secretary of Murshidabad (
                        * Zone Secretary of Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bardwan
                        * Communication Secretary of Central Committee (

2. Subhamay Bhattecharya (Authorized to Write)  
            Phone : 9836076709 - email : - District : North 24 Pgs.
                        * System Secretary of All Bengal Association of CKC (

Thanking you.
Contact with us for any kind of Information through email or phone.


  1. Why only 2 members? Why all the members are denied posting topic of their own choice to this Blog? It's surprising that this blog bears the name "480 clerks" but only two among the 480 can post topics. The rest can post their comments only. I just want to know why this ridiculous practice is going on.

  2. Sorry, That cause i cant say, because that is decided through our central committee. also, there all member can send mail to us for posting their topic... we will post those matters with respective name. please call our system Admin. - Subhamay Bhattacharya and ask this question.