Monday, March 7, 2011

Purulia Against STATESMAN : Mr. Aparajit Chakroborty :

I would like to protest against the news that said that there was no LWFC has been set up in W.B and the staffs are enjoying salaries without work. I am a newly recruited clerk in Purulia Sadar East RLO. I have joined my service on 9th Nov, 2010 and working my duty in the Purulia 1 block where my posting is. I am doing my natural duty as ordered by my Inspector of minimum wages and assistant labour commissioner from the very first day. We all 6 clerks in Purulia Sadar East are doing the same from their joining dates.we have implemented and registered many beneficiaries under the scheme SASPFUW, BOCWA and WBTWSSS. We are not enjoying our salaries without any work,as claimed by the reporter, Mr. Aparajit Chakraborty. Now I suggest that the reporter seems to be either need to travel beyond his office and take a detail information  about the various LWFC offices that are being opened. The reporter, I think that he has glanced through his window and made this news rather than collecting the correct news (the truth). I can strongly say that he has not collected the proper information. If he has done so, he had never made this news because the LWFC office of Purulia 1,Bandwan and  Manbajar 2,  is being set up in the month of December, 2010 and the news published on 13 th february. So it seems that the reporter is not very much aware of the things, he just tries to make a masala news for the betterment of the newspaper. He has shown the wrong picture in his news. He has misguided the readers. I request the Editor to rectify the news and publish it again after a confirmation from your sources and please dont make people fool by publishing such kind of wrong and meaningless news that misleads the people and causes confusion

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