Monday, February 7, 2011

I as well as all clerks of Murshidabad are surprised.... is it possible????


I am ATIN DAS - 9476458891 /, i am a Clerk in DLC Berhmapore - Murshidabad. hello Friends, check out this paragraph for surprised.
In Murshidabad, total 14 clerks are working in Berhampore R.L.O. 11 out of them joined on 22nd November, they are drawing their salary with the DA @ 27%, another 3 clerks are drawn their salary @ 35 % as they joined 15th January and so on. in the question of our seniority, we are profitable, but in another case, we are getting salary Rs. 708.00 / Month from them ( 3 Clerks)

Govt Rules: Senior can not be able to get less salary from Junior, but only this is possible in LABOUR DEPARTMENT, GOVT. OF WEST BENGAL. we are contractual Staff, but that is not fair from our Government.

The Another question is that some districts are not completed their joining of Clerks (CWKCO), will they paid with 45% D.A. (as the D.A. of central Govt. will increase on MAY 2011 with 10 %). so our too junior staff will be paid with 45 %, and we will be paid with just 27%, is it expected?


  1. Hi Atin. I am Arun Roy (Phone No. 9614900813). I am a clerk in labour department in Paschim Medinipur. Go ahead. We are with you.

  2. Hi Atinda ..I am Mainak Nandi..A selected candidate in west medinipur in LWFC..I have received your message..Do you know anything about our DA..iz it fixed or not??Plz rply me...

  3. Our DLC talked with Our C.M. - West Bengal, and The Labour Commissioner. wait and see. we are thanksful to our DLC - Mihir Sarkar. he talked about us to higher authority. we have to wait, not lost hopes. there are so many hopes that before April, we will be got a variable D.A. if our luck is better, then we will be permanent staff of DLC< and ALC concerned. watch and see. ok, thank you, any more question.

  4. hi atin i am really conveced and thankfull to u.
    can we make a forum of 480 clerk????????