Tuesday, February 1, 2011


ICDS Workers are in now under PF (Provident Fund) rules. this is one of the part of Parmanent post. why we are not under PF rules now???????? come with us we wants a make a team of 480 persons already 33 Clerks (Murshidabad) and 25 (NADIA) District. join with us.


  1. Tell all of your 33 clerks to join orkut's LWFC forum or community because the confidential content written in this blog spot can be read by some non-member, i.e., non-CWCO. So please join LWFC at Orkut besides this blog-spot.

  2. but this blogspot is created for open discussion, ok, i will say that our 33 clerks in LWFC community, but also, all of you comment here. this is needed.